Level Up with GoSedan

LA and traffic. It’s a given, a constant, and a way of life. At the same time, the city has so many attractions, you have to check them out for yourself (hence the traffic). Getting there is the hardest part, so how do you make it better? Leave the driving to someone else! Let someone else worry about it. From freeway traffic to side street short cuts, your driver is best equipped to find the quickest route – they don’t want to get stuck in traffic either! Stay relaxed. Road rage is real and not good for anyone. You can literally sit back and enjoy the ride, enjoy the company and make the outing that much more special. It’s never been easier. Remember the days when you had to call dispatch and your ride would get there…eventually. Yeah, thankfully those days are over! With the ease of your phone, a…Keep Reading

How to book a reservation with our upgraded booking bar

1) Go to GoSedan.com and type your pick up and dropoff location in the reservation bar. 2) Fill out your pickup time in the reservation bar and select “Let’s Go!” 3) Confirm your service type, destination, and pick up time and select “Select this Service” 4) Already have an account? You’ll be prompted to sign in 5) Don’t have an account? Signing up is easy! *Creating an account allows you to keep track of your reservations and easily create new ones- all in one place! 6) Once you’re logged into your account, you’ll be able to review your booking details. Select “Book Now” You’re all set- we’ll handle it from there!