About GoSedan

What We Offer

On Time Service

GoSedan has been exceeding customer expectations for transportation service in Southern California since 2005. With an innovative market niche approach and attention to quality service, more and more people discovered this new method to get to and from their favorite points of travel and the events that matter to them. GoSedan offers quality chauffeured service to major transportation hubs such as airports, rail stations, and cruise ship terminals. By connecting these points of travel with the the destinations desired by business and leisure travelers, GoSedan has established itself as an essential and affordable transportation resource for thousands of people in Southern California.

Sensing the need to provide a quality and reliable chauffeured service to the residents of Southern California, GoSedan became a pioneer in the development of the operational software necessary to take reservations and dispatch vehicles with an efficiency and accuracy that was previously unknown. GoSedan quickly became the company that could be depended on to affordably pick you up "On Time" from your home, office or hotel. GoSedan early implementation of GPS tracking and routing around traffic lent to it's reputation for "On Time" efficiency.

Today, in addition to continuing to set the highest quality standards, GoSedan remains one of the few airport transportation services in Southern California to offer an On Time Guarantee. We're on time or your ride is free!

Immaculate Vehicle

We believe that you deserve the quieter ride you get with plush pile carpeting and the relaxing comfort of a full leather interior. It's this attention to detail that sets us apart from the other companies who often place cutting corners ahead of your comfort.

All of our vehicles are cleaned daily, inside and out. We pay particular attention to the things that matter to the experienced traveler: clean windows, clean comfortable seats, appearance that reflects your desire to arrive at your destination with a neat, professional look. In addition, our fleets of vehicles are subjected to rigorous regular mechanical inspections that insure your safety as well as your comfort.

Professional Driver

All of GoSedan drivers are caring professionals that understand that your comfort and safety is their number one priority. If you are visiting this area, we know that you likely don't know your way around, and you can depend on us to know how to get you to your destination.

Our drivers' training includes learning all of the alternate routes to use when the freeways get clogged.

You can count on your GoSedan driver to assist you with your traveling needs and make your ride a most pleasurable experience.

Safe & Efficient Route

It's easy to say that you provide chauffeured service, but without the state-of-the-art software, which GoSedan has developed over the years, even chauffeured transportation can become bogged down in nightmare traffic.

GoSedan has developed very stringent guidelines which, combined with our advanced dispatch software, guarantees you the fastest most efficient ride to and from your desired destination, whether that's your hotel, your home or your point of travel, such as the airport. What it adds up to is that GoSedan connects you with what is important to you.

Operating Authority

GoSedan is licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission: TCP 15174 P